Colonics in Denver at Lavage Wellness Center

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At Lavage Wellness Center, we offer state of the art colon hydrotherapy (colonics) from caring, experienced therapists who help you achieve your health goals. You now have a partner in your journey towards optimum well-being.

Colonics and Your Health

We know achieving good health can sometimes feel like a moving target – and we understand firsthand the crucial role digestion and nutrition play in your overall sense of well-being. The practice of detoxifying and cleansing the digestive system has been highly regarded since ancient times for achieving and maintaining health, not to mention increased vitality. Colonics are key to gut health. Don’t take our word for it – just ask our clients. We want you, too, to feel better, more alive, and more energetic.

Have questions? Feel a little nervous or unsure about what colonics really are and what it does? Consider us your number one resource! We invite you to read more about our practice and learn more about colon hydrotherapy on our website, or feel free to contact us for a consultation. We offer additional healing spa services and nutritional support to complement our colon hydrotherapy services.

Watch this animated video to understand how our Angel of Water technology works


Are you ready to be more proactive about your digestive health and how it contributes to your overall vitality and joy for living?



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“I have personally benefited, as have many of my patients, from colon hydrotherapy administered by Lucinda Simpson. She is both a caring and highly skilled practitioner. Although this is an ancient therapy, thanks to the quality standards established by Lucinda and others, I believe it will re-emerge and be acknowledged as one of the more powerful healing modalities in 21st century health care.”

 Dr. Robert S. Ivker, D.O.

Colonics are a quick way to change your state of being. And, health can be affected by small changes. We’re not aiming to overwhelm – just whelm your senses with a unique path to health. We will empower you to take steps to better health and more freedom with simple, measureable action steps. Remember, health is not just an absence of symptoms; it is vitality.

The end result of working with Lavage Wellness Center and the team there is that you will be more healthy, more efficient, more present in your life, and you’ll feel better, both inside and out.

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