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What we offer here at Lavage Wellness Center

Most of our clients are introduced to us because they are looking for relief from intestinal discomfort, fatigue, or a lack of energy that prevents them from feeling their best.

While colon hydrotherapy can be an excellent place to start to solve these issues, Lavage Wellness offers more, because we know there are often many other things going on in your body and in your life that affect your well-being. We work with you to discover patterns related to your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle that contribute to your lack of well-being. We develop a plan to provide colon hydrotherapy and related spa therapies to not only make you feel better in the short term, but empower you to actively cultivate health in the long term.


Colon Hydrotherapy

A safe, effective, time-proven method for cleansing the colon to remove waste materials and toxins.

Cleansing Programs

Clear ChangeTM Program, a 10-28 day program providing metobolic detoxification through nutrition.

Nutritional Support

And personal coaching to help you develop an effective way to manage your diet and how it affects your body and your life.

Healing Spa Treatments

IonSpaTM Detoxifying Footbath, BioMat Infrared Healing Session, and Infrared Sun Stream Sauna complement colon hydrotherapy for increased detoxification and cellular regeneration.

Pricing & Packages

We have pricing for single sessions, multiple sessions, and colon hydrotherapy with complementary treatments. Also check out our special packages for yourself or a gift.


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