Spring Cleaning – good enough for your house, good enough for your body

lavage watering photo cropped verticalSpring cleaning – if it’s good enough for your house, it’s certainly good enough for your body, your personal house. With the arrival of warm spring days and fresh green grass and flowers, we feel inspired to clean and nurture and grow things. We feel the need to put order to things. We want to start over!
What better time for a reset for your body? Following a long winter, we sometimes feel like we have been too lethargic, too cozy, and not as diligent as we should be about what we put into our body. If you decide you want to do a cleanse, there are numerous programs from which to choose. How do you know which ones are worthwhile, and which ones are a good fit for you?
While some people believe fasting is a good way to cleanse, it can be damaging to your system, especially if you have certain medical conditions. It can also leave you feeling weak and lightheaded and even unable to perform your normal activities. At Lavage Wellness, we have chosen two particular cleanses that can help detoxify your body while allowing you to keep your energy up and receive proper nutrition. Each is a total body cleanse, and one is more geared for people with a sluggish colon.

How to decide which cleanse is best for you:

Consider CleanseMax 30 Day Cleanse if these apply:
• You are chronically constipated (going to the restroom once every two days or less), and you are new to colonics or don’t get them regularly
• You are looking for a very simple, yet effective colon cleanse

Consider Clear Change 10 Day Detox if these apply:
• You are looking for a full body, comprehensive metabolic detox program that doesn’t sacrifice your ability to live your daily life
• You already eat a reasonably healthy diet, and are ready to take your health to a new level
• You want a shorter, but powerful program that uses the highest quality tools to make you feel amazing

Ways to help your cleanse be more effective:
• Drink more water throughout the day. Need extra incentive? Infuse your water with fruit and/or herbs. Try cucumber and mint, lemon and ginger, orange and vanilla, or create your own. Sparkling water counts, by the way!
• Follow instructions and take supplements as directed.
• Cleanse your colon. Our packages combine a colonic and supplementary spa session along with the cleanse for maximum detoxification.

If you are interested in one of these cleanses, contact us. We can answer your questions and help you figure out which cleanse is right for you!

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