Nina F

“Wonderful!!! Surprising! Spotless, serene, relaxing and professional. Lucinda, the owner, is lovely and knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend it.”

Carol Ann F.

“When I first came to see Lucinda Simpson at Lavage Wellness Center, I had been through a prolonged period of stress…At Lavage Wellness Center, Lucinda’s gentle touch, quality health training, aesthetic surroundings, and reasonable cost make the clinic a wonderful soothing environment. Thank you. I’m so glad to have discovered your services.”

Carla M.

“It is so wonderful to share my story and more importantly express my gratitude to Lucinda at the Lavage Wellness Center. Not only has seeing her improved my everyday life and confidence, but it has also helped me recognize that the problem was…a systemic imbalance within my entire body. Colon Hydrotherapy has given me my spirit back! Thank you, Lucinda.”

Heather H.

“…I truly found help with Lucinda at the Lavage Wellness Center.  I urge anyone who has or is suffering to know there is a solution. Now I actually look forward to waking up each day and realize how special life is. Thank you Lucinda!”

Heather H. – FULL

“After five years of battling chronic constipation, I truly found help with Lucinda at the Lavage Wellness Center. Suffering from extreme fatigue, irregular appetite and mood swings, I knew I couldn’t live like this anymore. I began to think that there would never be a day where I could truly enjoy life again. Doctors tried to convince me I had …

Linda M.

“I am thankful for your kind, gentle and caring spirit. You gave special attention to each detail to ensure my experience was a pleasant one. I feel you are a natural for this business in so many ways.”

Robert S. Ivker

“I have personally benefited, as have many of my patients, from colon hydrotherapy administered by Lucinda Simpson. She is both a caring and highly skilled practitioner. Although this is an ancient therapy, thanks to the quality standards established by Lucinda and others, I believe it will re-emerge and be acknowledged as one of the more powerful healing modalities in 21st …

Carla M. – Full

“14 years ago I was diagnosed with Congenital Lymphedema which is swelling in the lymphatic system. This condition appears in my left ankle and leg making the tissue puffy and tight. Countless doctors told me that I would never be able to cure or even manage the swelling; essentially there was nothing that could be done. Finally, I decided to …

Carol Ann F. – Full

“When I first came to see Lucinda Simpson at Lavage Wellness Center, I had been through a prolonged period of stress. My body was rebelling against the overload of tension and one of the symptoms of this was loss of colon function or in other words extreme constipation. Lucinda’s regular colonics were added to a number of holistic medical treatments. …

Vegetarian Times

Of all the polite topics of conversation, the state of one’s intestines is probably at the bottom of most people’s lists.