What does summertime mean to you?

We all have our favorite season of the year. Maybe it’s summer – you love taking it down a notch, being outdoors, basking in the heat, or even summer thunderstorms. Maybe it’s winter – you love cuddling up by the fire, cooking comfort foods, and settling in.

Whether you love, hate, or simply tolerate summer, there is a lot we can learn from it. Perhaps the most important thing is to slow down, simplify life, and just be. Here are some other great things we can all learn and experience at this time of year:

  • It’s easier to step-up your clean eating with delicious seasonal produce
  • Other people are having more fun: you can, too!
  • You have more daylight to enjoy nature
  • Great weather encourages more forms of exercise
  • Extra-hot days encourages us to get outside in early morning and evening – magical times

Slowing down is not only OK, it’s necessary! If you haven’t yet, let yourself slip into the rhythms of summer. Relax, recharge, let go. If you need permission, it is granted.

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